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Choosing The Right BBQ Island Design

Updated: May 4, 2023

What Grills & Components would you like to use, KoKoMo Outdoor Products?

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What is the best BBQ Island design for your backyard?

Im often asked what I think is the best and I really don't have a favorite BBQ Island design.

There is so many designs from a straight BBQ Island, curve BBQ Island, BBQ Island with backsplash, BBQ Island with bar, L-Shape BBQ Island, U-Shape BBQ Island, BBQ Island with Umbrella, BBQ Island with Palapa, BBQ Island with patio Cover, BBQ Island between your patio columns. Choose your style that fits you and your yard. Im sure you have a place already in mind.

Start of with making notes on your ideas like the Built in BBQ grill size, what Outdoor Kitchen components would you like to add like storage doors, drawers, sinks, side burners, Power Burners, Griddles, Ice Chests. This is what will turn your BBQ Island into more of a Outdoor Kitchen.

using these tips you should have a pretty good idea on how your outdoor kitchen will look. make a sketch and start to place your BBQ Grill and components into it. You can send this to our Phoenix, Arizona BBQ Island Design Team and we can give you a free 3D drawing of your BBQ Island sketch along with a quote.

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Email or call our design team at 602-749-2052

Our website also has plenty of ideas that you can look at to decide on one of our standard model BBQ Islands. and our custom BBQ Islands at

Our BBQ Island Factory and design center is located at:

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