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Building A BBQ Island

Updated: May 4, 2023

Are you planning on building your Outdoor Kitchen or BBQ Island yourself? This can be tricky if you don’t have a plan. I remember the first Outdoor Kitchen I built in 1999. I held my hand at my hip and said, “Yep, that’s a good height.” Weeks later, after installing my refrigerator, I realized I built the Outdoor Kitchen too short! So it is very important to have a plan first, and I’m going to help you with that! In my planning stage, I choose the design, the Outdoor Kitchen Grill, and other Components I would like to use in my BBQ Island. This would or could include a refrigerator, a sink, storage drawers, TV, etc. as examples of what you can put in your Outdoor Kitchen or BBQ Island. Using grid paper, I scale out the size 2 square =1’ on my drawing, (don’t worry about 3D dimensions) just focus on the footprint plan. Get the specifications for the BBQ Grill you choose to install (KoKoMo Grill is a great cooking grill!) Kokomo Grills offer all the Outdoor Kitchen components like the Access Doors, Refrigerator,Sink, and multiple more items to add to your Outdoor Kitchen, and scale those into your plan. My rule is to always make sure to put 6” between the components you will be installing to your Outdoor Kitchen. 6” between the house, the columns, and other Outdoor Kitchen appliances or additions in your design/plan. Once you have your footprint plan, you will need to do an Outdoor Kitchen Elevation Plan. Using the same grid paper, you will follow the same steps above showing the heights of every component you envisioned in your Outdoor Kitchen. Be sure to know how high your BBQ Island needs to be because you don’t want the issue I had with my first experience designing and building my Outdoor Kitchen to happen to you! A good rule to remember, countertops are finished at a standard of 36” tall but most Outdoor Kitchen builders build it at a 38” finish to ensure refrigerators and other appliances fit. The two components that need to be accurately measured are the Built in BBQ Grill and the Outdoor Refrigerator, so be sure to scale these heights specifically into your design plan. Now that you have an Outdoor Kitchen plan and you have the equipment needed for an outstanding addition to your backyard comfort, you are ready to build your Dream Outdoor Kitchen! You will need to choose your materials now. visit our BBQ Store or Our Website to see how to build a BBQ Island

I have worked with Metal Studs for years and have found that this is the best stud to use. Use 20 gauge metal studs and track for the top and bottom plate and headers. The 20 gauge metal studs will slide into the track but the track will not slide into the studs. Important Tip- you do not want to use 25 gauge studs because it will twist and not hold up. Step 1. Using your plan, measure out lines to show where you will lay the track. Step 2. Using Metal Stud snips or chop saw, cut Bottom Track Plate to size. Step 3. Use a pin nailer or concrete nails to nail down your bottom track.

Step 4. Cut 4 studs 1/2 inch lower than what your frame height is, one for each corner. Note: there are 2 heights, a frame height and a finish height so be sure you know the difference. Step 5. Cut the track plate and set it on top of the 4 studs.

Step 6. Measure one corner at a time and set your heights. Use a level if studs need to be adjusted for ground height, re-cut them until all 4 are set to your level height. Step 7. Using your footprint plan and a sharpie marker, measure out all your width openings for the Built-In Grill and Outdoor Kitchen Components and mark the top and bottom track to show where these openings are. Step 8. Set the studs and verify the width is right. Make sure you are staying level. I use a clamp to hold the stud to the track so I can then screw it together. Step 9.Fill in the rest of your studs with 1’ centers to make sure you have 1’ maximum between studs. Step 10. Using your sharpie marker, measure the heights

Good Luck with Building your dream Outdoor Kitchen.

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