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KoKoMo Spas And Hot Tubs

KoKoMo Spas and Hot Tubs for your outdoor living areas.

Create your own backyard paradise with KoKoMo Grills and Spas. Our outdoor living areas can be built to set up your backyard in mind. KoKoMo Grills can incorporate a built-in Spa wrap with outdoor kitchen style steps and patio covers. Our outdoor Spa wraps will make your spa or hot tub complete. Imagine your backyard with a BBQ Island with T.V and pergola and to the side a brand new Spa with Fireplace and seating with KoKoMo Grills design centers we can set you up with a modern style outdoor living center.

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This Whirlpool Jet Stream Model

32 Jets has it all from a Whirlpool Jet therapy this model had captain chairs, Lounge Chairs, Led Lights and a built-in waterfall with back lights. Control your led lights with multiple colors for mood. This model is a 220v and can be placed anywhere.

This Storm Model 20 Stainless Steel Jets is perfect for any home.

Its Easy as 1 2 3 = PLACE • FILL • PLUG

Led Corner Lights

20 Stainless Steel Jets

Waterfall with LED lights

Captain Chairs

Lounge Chairs

This Fantom Spa 20 Jets Plug and Play has more room and more seats up to 6

From chase lounges to captain chairs, LED lighting and water fall with back lighting

Chooses this model for a easy set up as 1 2 3

This is a PLUG & PLAY SPA, Hook up to 110v or Convert to 220v

Its Easy as 1 2 3 PLACE • FILL • PLUG

Stream 32 Jet, Plug and Play Spa with all your captain chairs, chase lounges more jets that most hot tubs on the market. simply

PLUG & PLAY = Hooks up to 110V Plug or convert to 220V

Its Easy as 1 2 3 PLACE • FILL • PLUG

Check out more about our Spa and Hot Tub Features by KoKoMo Spas

This is the Whirlpool with Power Jets the 220v Model


Spa Delivery is easy. Simply place it in your pick up truck or trailer and bring it with you when you move.

3 Easy Steps


PLACE your Spa anywhere.


FILL your Spa with water.


PLUG your Spa In to 110V outlet