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BBQ Island Design Process

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

When it comes to designing Outdoor Kitchens, we take our customers into account at every step of the way. Every customer has different plans and objectives for their backyard. KoKoMo Outdoor Kitchen Products goes out of its way to make our customers happy by providing a design and layout for any BBQ Island. From Custom Outdoor Kitchens to Prefabbed Outdoor Kitchens on display, BBQ Islands and KoKoMo Grills ensure a wide range of Outdoor Kitchen options and ideas that are open to anyone.

The software we use enables our Kokomo Designers to draw and create any Outdoor Kitchen, providing our customers with a representation and visual of the size and shape of their BBQ Island as it will be fitted into their Backyard Design.

Consider this Outdoor Kitchen, our Baja Fire Model, which was designed to its configuration and placement of equipment by one of our customers. When it comes to your backyard, we can use this software to design your backyard and its size, as well as your Backyard BBQ Kitchen. This allows us to determine whether your design will fit perfectly in your backyard.

Outdoor Kitchen Drawings
Outdoor Kitchen Drawings

Baja With Fire Outdoor Kitchen
Baja With Fire Outdoor Kitchen

The KoKoMo Design Center is open 7 days a week.

Breaking down the design process, we use multiple steps to ensure a successful design and build for each of our customers. The first step in the process is getting to know you and what you require in your backyard; our Kokomo Designers aim to design what you require in terms of size and color. We then design the kitchen.

When the BBQ Island Design is completed, it is reviewed and sent to production for approval. When the BBQ Island Design has been approved, the kitchen will be put into production. Please allow 6-10 weeks for new builds in production; once production is completed, your kitchen will be scheduled for delivery.

When your kitchen is started in production it is going to undergo the 6 stages of production. The stages of production are: Framing, Sheeting, Tile, Stucco, Product Setup, and then Delivery. Throughout each stage KoKoMo tends to reach out to our customers to provide any updates about their kitchen during the process. During the process our customers are more than welcome to visit our open manufacturing facility in Phoenix, Arizona and check on their kitchen.

We have one manufacturing facility that can be found at:

Central Location:

1325 E Gibson Ln, Phoenix, AZ 85034

We also have two local showrooms over the valley that anyone can visit as well. All open 7 days of the week!

North Valley Location:

21415 N Black Canyon Hwy, Phoenix, AZ 85027

Mesa Market Place: (Open on Weekends Only)

10550 E Baseline Rd, Mesa, AZ 85209

On delivery day, you will be greeted by a delivery crew who will keep you updated on their progress throughout the day. Prepare for 4-5 workers to be in your backyard installing the kitchen during delivery. Please communicate with the crew as they are there to deliver the island to your liking and preference. Once your kitchen is set down and hooked up to power and propane you are ready to cook! For Natural Gas hookups please allow a certified plumber to make the connection.


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