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Visit our Arizona showrooms for Aspen Hot Tubs or shop now

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KoKoMo Spas have multiple spa brands like Aspen Spas, Innova Spas, Pure Spas and more. models names like Stream, Fantom, and Storm. These Hot Tubs are plug and play 110v or can be converted to 220v for maximum power. Simply place fill and plug and you'r ready to go. These Spa models have build in LED lights inside and out along with a backlit LET waterfall. Stainless Steel Jets with adjustments to maximize output,.These are very tuff materials and eco in cost. These Spas are made to last a lifetime. See our Arizona Hot tub showrooms at each location for test. Ask about Spa floor model specials. Innova Spas. 


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Innova Spa Dealer in Phoenix, Arizona. The best looking plug and play spas at wholesale pricing. Visit our KoKoMo showrooms for the best Hot Tubs and BBQ's  

Aspen Spa Dealer for Arizona. See why Aspen is the #1 Hot Tub in our Phoenix showrooms.

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