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Best Outdoor Kitchen 2023

Updated: May 4, 2023


KoKoMo Grills is building the best Outdoor Kitchen model for 2023

The Bermuda BBQ Island has everything you need to host your backyard BBQ's

Pictured Below the Bermuda Outdoor Kitchen Model

This 13' x 13' Outdoor Kitchen has enough bar space to sit 8 guests around the corner bar.

Keep your guests warm with the built-in fire-pit.

Football will never be the same with this outdoor kitchen island.

Enough room for the professional bbq griller and a couple helpers in the outdoor kitchen area to prepare all your food on the Professional 4 Burner Built-In KoKoMo Grill and Double Side Burner. Pictured below

Two different brews, poor from the double tap outdoor keg cooler.

Stock all your beers and sodas in the Outdoor Refrigerator.

KoKoMo Outdoor Kitchen Refrigerators
Outdoor Kitchen Refrigerators

All doors and drawers have a matching bar handle. Outdoor refrigerator and 14x20 access door shown.

KoKoMo Outdoor Kitchen Refrigerators
Outdoor Kitchen Refrigerators

Under the 4 Burner BBQ Grill, is an enclosed two drawer door combo to store bbq tools and outdoor kitchen supplies.

Spice rack to the side of the grill, 30" double access doors under the spice rack.

KoKoMo Built-In BBQ Grills
Built-In BBQ Grills

A enclosed double drawer to the right side if the bbq grill

KoKoMo Built-In BBQ Island Drawers
Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen Drawers

Outdoor Kitchen Sink.

KoKoMo Built In Outdoor Kitchen Sinks
Outdoor Kitchen Sinks

On the right side of the media wall is a sink, 14x20 access door, and outdoor refrigerator.

65" T.V. shelves and stonework.

KoKoMo Grills Outdoor Kitchen Model Best Models 2023
Bermuda Model Outdoor Kitchen

see the video overview

KoKoMo Grills offers Built-In BBQ Grills and outdoor kitchen components for DIY projects or for contractors and builders to build. We use the most reliable products and ship Nationwide.

See the full video if the best built-in Barbecue of 2023

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