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Farmhouse Sink

Updated: May 4, 2023

THE FLEXIBLE 30" Outdoor Kitchen Farmhouse Sink! Included are a drop-in Ice Bin and a Smaller Sink to create a full outdoor kitchen cocktail sink bar. When building your next outdoor Kitchen choose the KoKoMo Farmhouse Sink so you can have the most ver

atile sink in the market.

You can set this up in multiple ways in a matter of minutes.

If your looking for a big sink you can set it up as a 30" Outdoor Kitchen Farmhouse sink.

This is also an Apron Sink. You can also add the smaller 15" sink and a fresh ice cocktail station to the other side for mixing drinks.

also known as Apron Front Sinks, Apron Sink, Farm Sink, or Farmhouse Sink.

As the picture shows above, We are entertaining for multiple guests and we are using the drop in sink as a beverage cooler to maximize space. We are using the cocktail Ice Bin for fresh Ice and the condiment tray for Limes, Lemons, and Cherries. The Bamboo cutting board to cut up Limes and to prep cocktails. The speed rail is stocked with whisky, bourbon, and Vodka and has drains for spills. The towel bar will help wipe up drips and keep your cocktail station clean and of course a bottle opener and cap catcher completes the outdoor kitchen bar center.

How would you set up this BBQ Island Farmhouse sink?

Would you remove the drop-in Ice bin and keep the drop-in sink?

You can choose.

In the picture below, We removed the cocktail fresh-Ice bin to use as a beverage bin and simply fill with Ice.

In the image below we removed both smaller sink and Ice bin to use the the 30" Farmhouse Sink to wash bigger BBQ grilling dishes for BBQ parties.

As shown below a simple fresh Ice Bin and Bar Sink option.

The Flexible Outdoor Kitchen Sink

30" Farmhouse Sink Features Include:

• Hot & Cold Water Faucet

• 30" Farmhouse Sink option

• 15" Drop-In Sink Option

• 15" Insulated Fresh Ice Bin with Lid

• Condement Tray

• Bamboo Cutting Board

• Speed Rail

• Towel Holder

• Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher

• All Three Sinks Have There Own Drains and Run to One Drain

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