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How to Build a Outdoor Kitchen

Updated: May 4, 2023

Before you build your Outdoor Kitchen you will want to plan what you want with some basic questions.

There are two basic ways I like to use to design an Outdoor Kitchen before building it.

1. Plan the design of an Outdoor Kitchen in the area you would like it first then place the Built in BBQ in the design then fill in around with other items you might want. Side Burners, Storage Drawers, Trash Pull Out, Access Doors, Refrigerator, Sink, Cutting Board, Ice Bins.

If you need to grow or shrink you can from here. This way is a simple but effective way to design.

2. Plan all the Built in BBQ Grills and Outdoor Kitchen Components you would like to have

Find an area in the yard you would like to use then start planning a design.

When planning your Outdoor Kitchen use grid paper to scale out your design by using squares as 1' be sure to place bars and Built in BBQ Equipment in a scaled place for notes. After you finalize your drawing you will see if it looks good in the area you think it will fit by using your drawing as a plan. If you have a existing foundation to build on I recommend using Blue Painters Tape you will lay out this tape as if you were snapping chalk lines to build be sure to use a tape measure and lay it out with your depth in mind typical depth is 30" but this can be smaller or bigger depending on the equipment or your needs.

Use a sharpie and place notes on the Blue Tape to note where the Built In BBQ and Equipment will go. Be sure to use accurate measurements to make sure it all fits comfortably. a good rule of thumb is use a minimum of 6" from anything. For example you will want to measure 6" over from a side before you add any equipment if you place a side burner next to a grill you will add 6" between them. This mill make sure you are not too close.

step back and look at your plan does it look good? leave it there for one day so you can look at it.

Start building your Outdoor Kitchen or send us your design and I'll build it for you.

pIf you need help planning the design we have a design team that can help.

Visit for more ideas on planning your dream Outdoor Kitchen.

or Call 1-877-882-2723 for a Outdoor Kitchen designer to do it for you.


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