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KoKoMo Grills In Corona California, Southern California

KoKoMo Outdoor Kitchen Products are now in Corona California at Corona BBQ Islands Showrooms located in Southern California.

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Corona, California

Corona, California, is an ideal hub for BBQ grilling and outdoor kitchens due to its consistently warm and sunny climate, encouraging year-round outdoor activities. The local culture places a high value on outdoor living and socializing, making well-equipped outdoor spaces popular. Additionally, the diverse culinary scene in California, coupled with the community's appreciation for fresh ingredients, aligns perfectly with the outdoor grilling lifestyle. The combination of favorable weather, cultural preferences, and a community that values outdoor experiences makes Corona a prime location for BBQ enthusiasts and outdoor kitchen aficionados. Corona BBQ Islands and Kokomo Grills have joined forces to create an unbeatable BBQ experience in Corona, California, and Southern California. This collaboration combines the expertise of Corona BBQ Islands in crafting premium outdoor kitchen islands with the high-performance grills from Kokomo Grills. The result is a perfect synergy of design and functionality, offering barbecue enthusiasts in the region top-of-the-line grilling solutions.


Kokomo Grills and Corona BBQ Islands, through their collaborative efforts, are poised to revolutionize the outdoor grilling and kitchen experience for residents across Southern California. By merging Kokomo Grills' high-performance grilling technology with Corona BBQ Islands' expertise in crafting premium outdoor kitchen islands, the partnership aims to set a new standard for custom outdoor kitchens in the region.

Southern California's diverse and dynamic lifestyle, coupled with its year-round favorable weather, creates a unique demand for top-notch outdoor living spaces. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and aesthetic appeal, Kokomo Grills and Corona BBQ Islands are well-positioned to meet and exceed the expectations of even the most discerning customers.

The strategic alliance ensures that residents in Southern California will have access to a wide range of customizable options, allowing them to create bespoke outdoor kitchens tailored to their preferences and needs. Whether it's a sleek and modern design or a more rustic and traditional aesthetic, the collaboration aims to cater to diverse tastes, making outdoor spaces an extension of personal style.

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