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Built-In BBQ Repair

Updated: May 4

Repair My Built-In BBQ

Replace your old built-in BBQ instead of repairing it. If you want to rebuild and clean up your old built-in BBQ grill you will spend about the same amount of money as simply placing a new built-in KoKoMo Outdoor Kitchen BBQ Grill. KoKoMo Grills have the latest technology and are built to outlast other brands with its fully constructed stainless steel parts. KoKomo Grills can replace almost all built-in barbecue grills and if they won't, you can rebuild the built-in bbq cut out to fit the new KoKoMo built-in bbq grill. KoKomo Grills can replace all these grills by simply sliding out the old built-in BBQ and sliding-in the new built-in bbq.

• Replace BBQ Galore BBQ Grill

• Replace Turbo BBQ Grill

• Replace AOG BBQ Grill

• Replace American Outdoor BBQ Grill

• Replace Fire Magic BBQ Grill

• Replace Summerset BBQ Grill

• Replace Lion BBQ Grill

• Replace RCS BBQ Grill

• Replace Cal Flame BBQ Grill

• Replace Blaze BBQ Grill

• Replace Beefeater BBQ Grill

• Replace Bull BBQ Grill

• Replace almost all other brands

We also have built-in BBQ grill repair guys that can rebuild your bbq island to fit the KoKoMo Outdoor Kitchen BBQ Grill. Call us at our Phoenix, Arizona stores for more info.

Check out our KoKomo replacement built-in bbq grills

The 26 Inch 3 Burner Built-In BBQ Grill.

The 32 Inch 4 Burner Built-In BBQ Grill.

Replacement Outdoor Kitchen Built-In BBQ Grills
4 Burner Built-In KoKoMo BBQ Grill

The 40 Inch 5 Burner Built-In BBQ Grill.

For the Professional BBQ Chefs we offer upgraded Professional Series Grills

The Professional 32 Inch 4 Burner Built-In BBQ Grill.

The Professional 40 Inch 5 Burner Built-In BBQ Grill.

• We can also replace all your outdoor kitchen components like

Replace old outdoor kitchen doors

Replace built-in bbq doors

Replace Built-In Side Burners

Replace Outdoor Kitchens

• Replace • Replace BBQ Island Grills Outdoor Kitchen BBQ Grills

Replace BBQ Island Grills

We have multiple Built-In BBQ stores and offer wholesale pricing for BBQ grills dealers Nationwide.

Replace your old Outdoor Kitchen with a New Outdoor Kitchen. We can build it for you check out our new Outdoor Kitchens at our factory direct stores.

KoKoMo Grills Corporate Headquarters

1325 E. Gibson Lane Phoenix, Arizona 85034


Built-In BBQ Grills, Outdoor Kitchens, BBQ Islands, Outdoor Fireplaces, Firepits,

KoKoMo Grills Deer Valley

21415 N Black Canyon Highway Phoenix, Arizona 85027


Built-In BBQ Store

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