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Why KoKoMo Grills?

Updated: May 4, 2023

Kokomo Grills and Backyard Accents has been taking every step to ensure a successful outdoor kitchen process for all of our customers for over 25 years. Over the last several years, we have completely grown to be one of the largest outdoor kitchen manufacturers in the country and the state of Arizona, outnumbering our competitors by a wide margin. A Lifetime Warranty on all products, Free Delivery and Installation, Nationwide Shipping and your choice of Tile Customization are some of the nuances we may offer that other kitchen manufacturers do not. It is beneficial for a good warranty so you know your product will be taken care of throughout its lifetime and it’s also important that you get what YOU want from the start.

Aruba With Top Model Outdoor Kitchen
Aruba With Top Model Outdoor Kitchen

Materials make a significant difference in the Outdoor Kitchen Industry. Everything on your BBQ Island is made of several types of materials, so it is critical to understand what materials we use. 18 Gauge Galvanized Steel Studs, Hardie Backer Concrete Board, Trex Composite, Porcelain Tile, and Synthetic Stucco are some of the materials we use to build Free Standing Outdoor Kitchens. In terms of materials, we use 18 gauge steel to frame each and every Modular Outdoor Kitchen on one foot centers to ensure a nice sturdy outer frame for the kitchen. We then sheet each kitchen with a 1/2 inch thick hardibacker all the way around the frame to create a tough outer shell for your kitchen. After the construction of your kitchen is completed, it is sent to tile, where we lay porcelain tile for your countertop. Porcelain is extremely durable and adaptable to outdoor conditions in Arizona and throughout the country. After the tile has been installed on the countertop, stucco is the next step. We stucco our kitchens with a latex stucco that is not like the standard stucco you see. It is stretchy, has a standard color, and is made of latex, so it will not crumble like house stucco.

KoKoMo Grills is not only just an Outdoor Kitchen Manufacturer but we are also a Manufacturer of our own product line of Barbeque Grills, Fridges, Sinks, and other Outdoor Kitchen Appliances. Covering our Grills, our Kokomo Grills are all outdoor rated along with the kitchen islands and manufactured right here in Arizona. Completely constructed of reinforced 304 stainless steel and dual plated. When I say dual plated, I mean that your grill hood will have two plates protecting the heat on the inside and outside while you're cooking. This Commercial Grade Grill cooks almost like an oven, keeping the heat inside and the cold outside. Our self-ignition blow torch igniters are a useful feature of our grill; no more clicking your ignitor to get your grill going; with the power of the Kokomo Grill, your grill is on in seconds with the twist of a knob; welcome to the future!

I'm sure everyone has lost food on their grill due to it slipping between the cooking grids. Kokomo Grills have full-sized 8mm cast stainless steel cooking grids. One advantage of using cast stainless grids is that they are extremely easy to clean and do not feel sticky while cooking like cast iron. We use cast stainless because it is designed for BBQ grills and is more rust and grease resistant than stainless steel and cast iron. On the interior as well, we design our grills with the searing briquettes, what is really incredible about the briquettes is they heat up with your flame and distribute the heat evenly throughout the whole system of the grill, goodbye cold spots, they also protect your burners from grease build-up and the best feature about them…. They give FLAVOR to your food. The Kokomo Gas Grill isn’t just any gas grill, with the briquettes, this grill cooks like charcoal which is beneficial for flavor to almost any food. All of these features are standard on the Kokomo Grill, so there's no need to upgrade unless you really want to. Our grill is available in two models: the Classic Model Grill and the Professional Model Grill. The difference between the two is quite significant; the professional model includes interior and exterior lights for nighttime cooking, 12,000 more BTUs of heat, and heating dividers for separate temperature cooking! You have Options!

Professional 4 Burner Built-In KoKoMo BBQ Grill
Professional 4 Burner Built-In KoKoMo BBQ Grill

We also have multiple add-ons to our BBQ Grill and some of these add-ons include a Rotisserie Kit, Sear Burner, Smoker Chip Box, Griddle Insert and an Outdoor Rated Grill Cover to protect your grill from any outdoor coincidences. Covering the Rotisserie Kit, the Rotisserie Kit includes the motor, spit rod with handle, two forks and a counter balance. This Kit allows you to roast beef roast, whole chickens and many more with the availability of your Kokomo Grill. A popular add on is our sear burner as well. Do you love steaks? This sear burner is everything you need for a perfect crust around your steak. Pushing 12,000 BTU’s, our sear burner can get to a temperature of over 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit in just under a minute with one click keeping that juicy flavor in your food. Speaking of flavor we also have another add on which is our smoker chip box, with a lot of room, throw your preferred smoking chips in and taste the difference. Another popular add on which is ALWAYS loved is our griddle plate. On average a commercial grade griddle costs somewhere between $1,000-$2,500, but not any more. With our 22” griddle insert plate you get the full cooking power of a griddle but just on a single plate you insert into your grill. Taking two burner slots on your grill, this plate is only around $250, making this method a cheaper way of using a griddle without actually having to buy one at a high cost.

Typically, many national grilling manufacturers do not provide a lifetime warranty on their products and kitchens. The advantage of using KoKoMo Grills and Backyard Accents is that we are two companies in one, so you will receive a Lifetime Warranty on ALL of your products from us as a package rather than just one. What's the point of a warranty if it doesn't cover the entire setup? It is advantageous to get the most out of the money you invest in your Outdoor Kitchen. Allow KoKoMo Grills and Backyard Accents to create yours today with the experience and knowledge we have developed throughout 25 years of being in the business. Call or email today for a free estimate and design on Wholesale Barbecue Islands.

North Location: (Weekdays & Weekends)

21415 N Black Canyon Hwy, Phoenix, AZ 85027

CALL: 602-903-7088

Central Location: (Weekdays & Weekends)

1325 E Gibson Ln, Phoenix, AZ 85034

CALL: 602-749-2052

Mesa Market Place: (Weekends Only)

10550 E Baseline Rd, Mesa, AZ 85209

CALL: 623-418-1191


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