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We Fix Ugly Built-In BBQ Grills With KoKoMo Grills

Updated: May 4

We Fix Ugly Built-In BBQ Grills for Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ Islands. KoKoMo Outdoor Kitchen Products are replacing most built-In barbeque grill brands by simply sliding out your old worn out built-in barbecue and sliding in the KoKoMo Built-in BBQ our grills have a large trim kit to help and hide the cut out of your old ugly built-in barbeque grill. KoKoMo comes with a 1" flange around the grill to hide this barbecue grill cut out,

Call us at one of our factory outlet BBQ Island stores for the best pricing on our barbeque grills. We have three different size BBQ grills

Tradisional Series Built-In BBQ Grills

Built-In 3 Burner 26 Inch BBQ Grill

Built-In 4 Burner 32 Inch BBQ Grill

Built-In 5 Burner 40 Inch BBQ Grill

Professional Series Built-In BBQ Grills

Built-In 4 Burner 32 Inch Professional Series BBQ Grill

Built-in 5 Burner 40 Inch Professional Series BBQ Grill

We can also change out your old outdoor kitchen storage drawers and doors with Kokomo Outdoor Kitchens Stainless Steel Double Walled Doors.

Remodeling your BBQ Island is also an option we can tear off your old ugly outdoor kitchen and get you a new look with updated tile and stucco or stone finish.

We have replaced thousands of old worn out BBQ grills with the best replacement BBQ Grills KoKoMo Grills

Kokomo Built In BBQ Grills will replace most built-in BBQ grills including

Replace Bull Built-In BBQ Grill

Replace Turbo Built-In BBQ Grill

Replace Barbeques Galore Built-In BBQ Grill

Replace AOG Built-In BBQ Grill

Replace American Outdoor Built-In BBQ Grill

Replace Fire Magic Built-In BBQ Grill

Replace Cal flame Built-In BBQ Grill

Replace Blaze Built-In BBQ Grill

Replace Summerset BBQ Grill

Replace Lion Built-In BBQ Grill

Replace RCS Built-In BBQ Grill

Replace Beefeater Built-In BBQ Grill

Replace all Built-In BBQ brands with our added trim kit

New outdoor kitchen builds or replacing your old ugly worn out BBQ Grills we are your #1 Built-In BBQ Grill brand.

We service all Arizona, Nevada, California and New Mexico

We ship Nationwide.

Fix Outdoor Kitchen BBQ Grills
5 Burner 40 Inch KoKoMo BBQ Grill Replacement

Replace old Built-In BBQ Grill Parts
KoKoMo Outdoor Kitchen Products

Fix or Replace Built-In BBQ Grills
4 Burner 32 Inch Built-In KoKoMo BBQ Grill

We are Arizona's Replacement Built-In BBQ Grill Store!!

See our location new you KoKoMo Grills Local BBQ Island Stores

Main Factory Central Phoenix, Arizona KoKoMo Grills Showroom


North Phoenix, Arizona KoKoMo Grills Factory Showroom


Mesa, Arizona KoKoMo Grills Factory Showroom


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