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Kokomo Grills

Updated: May 4, 2023

As an Outdoor Products company, we know what people enjoy and love in an Outdoor product. We have been building the best quality outdoor kitchen products in the industry since 2001 when our first BBQ Island was constructed. When the company first began, we used many different types of BBQ's in our islands, but as our industry evolved, we quickly needed a bigger, hotter, better looking grill inserted in to a beautiful island. Then, the "Kokomo Grill" was born...

KoKoMo Outdoor Kitchen 60,000 BTU Power Burner
KoKoMo Outdoor Kitchen 60,000 BTU Power Burner

In late 2010, when we grew to building over 200 outdoor Kitchens per month, as well as shipping nationwide, our BBQ Grill suppliers couldn't keep up with our growth rate that we were selling at, which resulted in us becoming the biggest and baddest BBQ grill manufacturer in the valley. We have over 10 years of experience in selling over 2500 custom & unique BBQ grills EACH YEAR! Every 12 months, we take in all customer comments to reevaluate our kokomo grill to make it more superior.

We made our first BBQ Grill in the middle of the recession, and with no warning, it blew up all across the valley. Our customers quickly fell in love. Besides feeling like you live in a luxury resort in Hawaii, our lifetime warranty, and low prices are very hard to beat.

Using 18 Gauge 304 stainless steel, with dual wall construction for the hood of the grill to give it more durability, and keeps the nice "stainless" color. The hood of our Kokomo Grill has no seams to give it a cleaner look. On the inside, a built-in firebox is inserted, which is constructed in 18 gauge stainless steel.

4 Burner Built-In BBQ Island Grill
4 Burner Built-In BBQ Grill

In our BBQ Grills, we included an easy access, and easy to clean stainless steel separator between each burner for added temperature control, so each burner can operate at a contrasting temperature. Our Sure Light ignition system has a built-in blow torch on each burner. The grill shown in the picture above, has an independent ignition on each burner of the grill, but it's only required to ignite one of them. Sure Light insures our burners to spark and ignite on the first click, so you can get to grilling as quick as possible with ease.

The grease tray is constructed completely out of stainless steel, and covers the entire base of the grill. To make emptying your grease tray easier, place a slab of aluminum foil on the top of the tray, surrounding the entire thing. Then place either sand or kitty litter on the grease tray to help absorb the grease to make cleaning the tray, quick and easy. Our 4 and 5 Burner Classic and Professional Series BBQ Grills have an Infrared Back burner included on the BBQ. When building your Outdoor Kitchen, you will love our zero clearance hood. Our Kokomo hoods only requires 3" to roll back so you don't have to build your countertop bigger than it needs to be. Our grills are set up in two ways, liquid propane, or natural gas.

Many different upgrades and extra parts are available as well. Our first option, is a Teppanyaki Griddle Plate for searing steaks, fish, vegetables, or breakfast. Our second option is a delicious taste making Smoker Box can be dropped in just over the burners and under the cooking grid so it isn't in the way of cooking. With the smoker box, anyone can place their favorite flavor wood chips and/or pellets into this and give your food that extra good-tasting smokey flavor. Last, our infrared sear burners get red hot, and is used to sear all the juice into your steak, leaving nice, presentable grill marks for you, and your family to enjoy. Best of all, these grills are all backed up by a Lifetime Warranty.

We spent lots of time and hours making sure all of our customers have a dependable product, in other words, the best of the best at an affordable price.

Our Outdoor Kitchen factory is located at 1325 East Gibson Lane Phoenix, Arizona 85034 We ship nationwide.

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